Custom PC, desktop, laptop, netbook, tablet repair and upgrade services -

We offer VERY reasonable rates for custom power/server/gaming PC builds, and for hard disc, memory and other upgrades, laptop keyboard, screen, ect replacements and repairs. Home or small office wired and or wireless network , file and printer sharing, setup and installation.

We also do custom programming:

Screen savers for holiday or special occasions, business promotion, anything you can think of.

Custom interactive sales/training kiosk applications. Interact with users, ask questions, get answers and more. Its great for taking customer applications, doing preliminary screenings, new employee training and certification, and much more, and since they can be internet connected, the users input to questions, forms, ect can be sent to your servers for processing, ect.

The ideas and possibilities are endless:


Use it for employee continuing education, company compliance, training, evaluation, and even testing. Computer based compliance/continuing education/employee training is the fastest easiest way for companies to test, train, evaluate employees, and ensure compliance with company training and policies.

Use it in front lobbies, trades shows, and other remote sites, to take applications
from potential new employees.


Sales/Mall/Office kiosks:

Allow users to sign up for your Email list/EClub there on the spot.

Allow patients/clients/guests to sign/check themselves in, saving your office workers time by letting them do some of the preliminary work.

Use it to take entries for contests/giveaways.

The ideas and uses are endless.


Web site design

We offer VERY reasonable web design services. We will custom design your site, with your logos, company colors, ect.,  at rates as little as 1/2 what most places would charge you. ALL sites we design are meta keyword and meta content optimized, our "contact you" form has anti-spam protection, and we will submit your website to all major search engines, and dozens of link directories, all included FREE with all web designs. Some places will charge you more just for website submission than we charge you for design, optimization, AND submission!!! Please visit our web design page for baseline packages, and examples or contact us with your exact needs for a quote.

Web programming services

We can custom program and install on your site web applications in TCL, PERL, CGI, or PHP. We can also install and modify (per your requirements) most common web apps like blogs, galleries, content management systems, forums, shopping carts, ECommerce apps and more. (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, SMF, CopperMine, OSCommerce and many more)

Web hosting

We provide rock solid but affordable web hosting for all size sites, from small personal sites, to larger corporate/ECommerce sites, with 24/7 tech support, a 30 day money back guarantee. Unlike many local web hosts who are simply reselling hosting for hosts which WAY oversell their servers (resulting in website outages, downtime, timeouts, SQL errors, and more), we never oversell our servers. Our prices start at just $4.50 a month! See our web hosting page for more info.


Free Internet Services - We offer a wide array of free services to internet users! Including:

Web Services:

A Meta tag generator , to help your site show up in search engines better.
(if we had designed your site, we'd have done this FOR you :)


We also offer the following IRC services:

IRC Services:

IRCD Setup/Install Service, IRCServices / Anope Setup / Install service, IRC Bot Hosting

IRCD - setup, config and installation (avg) $10 per IRCD.

We will setup, config (per your requirements), and install on your server, a fully functional, config'd, setup, and ready to run, IRCD (IRC server). If you want to run an IRC server and don't know a lot about *nix (RedHat, Linux, CentOS, FreeBSD, ect ), or IRCDs, but have a decent knowledge of IRC usage, let us do the techno setup and optimization for you. You just run the server! 
Please note that we neither recommend nor support ANY Windows platform for IRCD/services/Bot hosting. They were not ever, and will never be designed to operate under the Windows platform. We also recommend AGAINST Windows hosting for our Web hosting packages, but they are available for Web hosting only. Note that if you are a web hosting customer, IRC services/IRC Bot customer, ect, and ever need help with "How do I do this...." , simply send us an EMail and we'll be happy to either do it for you, or explain to you how.

Supported IRCDs: (other IRCDs will require pre approval, note that derivatives of these IRCDs are USUALLY fine they install, setup, config, basically the same, so its not a problem)
Bahamut- UnrealIRCd - UltimateIRCd- Hybrid IRCD. We recommend UnReal!

IRC Services - setup, config, and installation (avg) $15 per installation (per server)

We will setup, config (per your requirements), and install on your server, a fully functional, config'd, setup, and ready to run, IRC Services daemon! So your IRC network has Services (Nickserv, OperServ, ChanServ ,MemoServ, ect.) We can even start it, and make sure there is a cron job to check to make sure its running, if its not, it will be restarted automatically, in case of downtime, server failure, a crash ect, your server will automatically restart itself.

Supported services daemons:

IRCD services , ANOPE. We recommend ANOPE !

Please note that if we install BOTH an IRCD AND SERVICES on the same server, at the same time, you will receive a discount on the total of both.

For people who are not server owners/IRCops/Admins, but just Owners/founders of a channel on IRC:

If you Own/Run a channel on IRC and want your channel to work better, and be more secure..... we offer IRC bot and channel rental services:

IRC Bot rental - We will deploy a fully functional bot into your channel, with works as explained below, it will stay in your channel 24/7 (barring server outages,  splits, ect) , [we can't guarantee 24/7, cause your network can't either], with the command module, and one additional module (you choose), included. Additional modules are just .75 each.

Our IRC Bot order form is here. Please note you can also download our Bot Order Form application,
to fill out, complete, and total your order offline, it will fill in the appropriate information,
create a order total, and a completed order form for you to Email to us.


The functions of the bot itself:

Channel owner can add/remove users to bot with DCC commands, allowing any level of users a specified level of control (normal users could be allowed to Voice themselves, or ban other users for example, without having to be on the channels user list.)

Included functions with all bots:

Smart Channel Limiting:

The bot will (assuming the network doesn't do it for you, some like Rizon have a LimtServ function built in) keep a revolving channel limit, keeping the channel limited to the current number of users +5, limiting the ability of botnet attacks to "join flood" a channel. (ie. if there are 80 people in the channel the bot will set the channel limit to 85, if someone joins/leaves it will change the limit up or down 1 a couple seconds later, so the limit is always +5 of the current people count. (We suggest +5, but this number is configurable by you, just let us know, when you order, or if you need it changed, busy channels that have a lot of joins/parts might want a slightly higher number, 8, for example, slower/smaller channels might want a smaller number, 3 for example.)

Channel Greeting:

The bot will greet each user with a short message of your choosing. Either via private message (/msg) or via a notice. This is an excellent way to give basic help, FAQs, rules, commands ect. for a channel.


In Channel Command Module (included with all bots): Allows authorized users to Op, Half Op (on networks that support it), Voice, de-Op, De Half-Op, DeVoice, kick, and kick & ban users with channel commands.
(ie in the channel commands like
<Outlawsys> !kick someuser Stop repeating   Would kick someuser with the reason: Stop repeating.)

Optional Modules:

Included with each bot is ONE of the following modules (you choose)

Seen Module - Adds a "seen" command to your channel. Tells you when (and if) the last time a username was "seen" in your channel.

<Outlawsys>!seen TommyBoy

<SOMEBOT>TommyBoy was last seen in #SOMECHANNEL on July 26,2020,12 days ago,quiting with msg: "This is tommyboys quit msg(ifany)"

Last Users Module - Adds a last users command to your channel, which will display the last 5 users who left your channel, When they came, and when they left.

Channel Stats Module - Adds 2 commands to your channel. One is a channel stats command, that shows statistics on the number of joins, parts, kicks, and bans that have occurred in your channel. The other is a peak command that shows the channels peak and the date it occurred. (Peak meaning the date & time the channel had the most users.)

Timed Message Module - Will send a message of your choosing to channel every X (you decide how often) mins. Useful for advertising a channels URL, or common commands, rules, ect.


Additional modules can be added to your bot
at a cost of 75 cents per bot, per module, per month.

In addition to the modules listed above the following modules are also available:

Trivia Module - A trivia game, using the set or sets (multiple sets of questions in different categories are supported) of questions of your choosing, along with start and stop commands, there is a top 10 command to show the highest scoring users to the channel. Please note we have a decent set of general trivia questions, but we suggest you supply your own instead, or in addition too them.

Kick & Ban Log Module - Will email a copy of the days kicks and bans, (Who was kicked/banned, by whom, when, and the reason (if one is given)), to a channel owner(s). Can be sent to up to 10 Emails. (for channels with multiple owners / OPs ect.)

Quotes Module - Adds commands to your channel to add, remove, and display random funny quotes from your chat room.

Help/FAQ Module - Will display up to 10 lines of FAQs / Rules / Commands ect via a Private Message or Notice to the user who types the help command. Useful to show users channel commands, FAQs, rules, ect.

Channel bot rental is $2.25 a month additional modules are 75 cents each, per bot, per month.

Example 1 bot with 2 extra modules=$3.75 a month. If you are interested in bot rental please use the CONTACT US link with your needs if you have questions. Payments accepted by Check, Credit Card, via PayPal or Paxum.

Our IRC Bot order form is here. Please note you can also download our Bot Order Form application,
to fill out, complete, and total your order offline, it will fill in the appropriate information,
create a order total, and a completed order form for you to Email to us.





We offer non-profit, senior citizen, church, and active military discounts on all website design/programming, system tune-up, hardware upgrades, network setup/installs, and most other services! Please feel free to contact us with your needs! - Southwest Virginia and North East Tennessee, Kingsport, Bristol, Johnson City, computer repair services. Free Email box, free domains, IRCD setup and installation service, IRC services setup and installation, IRC bot lending, IRC bot rental, cheap reliable webhosting, website hosting starting at $4 a month, website design services. Free web based Email accounts. BNC hosting for PsyBNC, IRC proxy.

An Annonymizer service to remove the referrer, A URL shortener / link protector.