Recommended Downloads  

Recommended sites:

SnapFiles - With a long list of both shareware and freeware programs for all purposes, next time you need a program to do something, check here first. Chances are you can find a freeware one to do the job!

IVCSoft - Home of Internet Video Converter. A free program to convert between AVI, MPEG, DIVX, FLV, DVD, and many more formats quickly and easily. It can also snatch YouTube (and some other sites) Videos, and save and or convert them.

DVD Video Soft - Home of a slew of great free easy to use programs, for video conversion, video 2 DVD, DVD 2 Video, Flash to AVI and much more! All 100% free!


System Security:

MalWareBytes - Home of MalWareBytes Anti Malware. A free version is available. Its easy to use, very effective, and a VERY handy tool. I recommend everyone get a copy, and scan your system once a week, or anytime you suspect Malware / Adware may be on your system.

GriSoft - Home of the highly recommended AVG anti virus software. A free version is available. AVG is effective, easy to use, and unlike McAfee and Norton, isn't a resource hog. If you are looking for a anti virus solution, give it a look, its worth a serious consideration.

Lavasoft - Home of AdAware a quick easy and effective anti spyware / keylogger /malware / adware program. A personal free version is available.

PiriForm - Home of CCleaner an excellent malware/adware/unwanted programs scanner.

OpenOffice - Home of Apache OpenOffice, a free open source alternative to MS Office.

CPUID - The free version of HWMonitor is great for checking and monitoring your CPU temperature, check the max life (per makers specs) , current life, expected life, of your netbook ,laptop, notebook battery, is your battery not charging right, doesn't last as long as it should? This will show you how high it should be able to be charged if new, how high yours can be charged, how high yours is charged. 

CPU overheating? With this you can monitor in basically real time, current CPU temps, ambient temps, the temp of each core of your processor, so you'll know if its a heat issue.



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An Annonymizer service to remove the referrer, A free web based proxy service. A URL shortener / link protector.